Many Hands make Light Work

New_Path_2016You may have noticed small teams of workers in the park on a regular basis, wearing orange or yellow gilets. These teams are from different sources, but have all been making a noticeable impact.

The Community Payback team have begun work on a bounded perimeter path (see pic), which is being filled with woodchip. This is expected to make a significant impact on the usability of the path, especially in wetter weather. A corporate team, expected to be from Apple, will continue some of that work on their day in the park in mid-April.

Meanwhile, you may have noticed the dramatic impact made by Jobseeker volunteers in The American Garden. Not only have they brought the rampant brambles and ferns under control, they have also cut back considerable quantities of dead plants and branches. Some appropriate replanting is planned in due course, possibly with some spring bulbs to provide some early ground cover.