Dulwich Park Friends (DPF) is a registered charity (registration number 1196576) with over 280 family memberships. Its chief objective is to promote the protection and improvement of the park in the interests of the people who use it. To achieve that we liaise with the council, suggest and respond to proposals, and encourage them to look after the park.

If you want to help us achieve our goals, join the Friends and work with us.

The DPF committee meets once a month and has regular meetings with council officers to discuss a whole range of topics, from recycling and horticulture through to sporting and leisure events in the park. Where improvements are concerned, we try to raise funds to help implement them.

The more members we have, the more our voice is heard.

DPF is a supporter of The Charter for Parks, which has been set up because no-one currently is legally responsible for ensuring the long-term maintenance of our parks and green spaces and this leaves them vulnerable to underfunding, understaffing, neglect and dereliction – and even being lost to development.