The New Flower Meadow

Wildflower_meadowMore people have expressed thanks to the park manager, Paul Highman for the creation of the new flower meadow than anything he can ever recall – over two hundred positive messages, either by email or verbally. This is not surprising, as the meadow- in front of the village copse- is stunning (see pics).

The meadow is not appealing only to the human senses: thousands of insects, from bees through to butterflies, are attracted to feed off the plants, increasing biodiversity. Importantly, this is not a one hit wonder. Although the plants are annuals, they will self-seed, if left long enough to do so, after dying later in the year. In that way a seedbank will be created in the soil, from which new plants will grow next year.

Watch out for further meadow plantings next year on some of the landscaped areas created as part of the flood works, including outside the bowling green.