Native Bluebells

BluebellAt the last Dig the Park, and over the following week we planted 16,000 native bluebell bulbs in the American Garden, amongst the rhododendrons.  You may have noticed the considerable amount of clearance that has taken place in this area, the result of a series of team efforts over the last year or two (including corporate community support, jobseekers and the Friends). Bluebells should provide a stunning addition to this space, before the rhododendrons themselves come in to bloom. Some members may be aware of concerns that natives are under threat from foreign migrants – nothing to do with a particular perspective on Brexit, but English Heritage is highlighting cross-pollination of native bluebells with hybrids from abroad, especially Spain. That is why our Head Gardener, Gerry Kelsey, has chosen Hyacinthoides non-scripta (typically found in woodlands) as the native species we planted. This is exactly what English Heritage is encouraging people to do, countrywide. If you’d like to read more about cross-pollination, and find out how ‘on trend’ we are at the Friends, see: