AGM and Review of the Year – 24th April at 7pm


The Friends’ Review of the Year and Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th April at 7pm in the Francis Peek Centre (the community building adjacent to the car park) – this letter is formal notice for that purpose.

Do come and hear about yet another eventful and productive year. There will be a short talk by sculptor Joss Smith and Friends’ committee member Neil Ellis about a possible wood-carving project in the park, using one of the existing in situ tree stumps. Members may also like to discuss Southwark’s car parking charges consultation.

The proceedings typically last an hour or so, with questions and input welcome.

Please join us for a glass of wine and a chat afterwards.

Your Committee

Sigrid Collins has retired as a committee member after countless years of valuable commitment to the Friends, many as Treasurer. We should like to express our thanks for her limitless enthusiasm for the Friends’ initiatives for the park, as well as for her generous hospitality in hosting our committee meetings.

The remaining members of the committee have agreed to stand for reelection. We are also delighted to have three new committee members who were co-opted during the year and now stand with existing committee members for election, as follows:

Emily Montague – Chair
Trevor Moore – Vicechair
Michelle Pearce – Treasurer
Jackie Prescott – membership
Neil Ellis
Roland Green
Yasmin Hashmi
Stephen Henden
Stella Plumbridge – website

In view of changes made to the constitution in 2013, the consent of the AGM is required for several members of the committee to continue in the same designated roles beyond the four years they have already been in place.

If you have an item of business, please contact the Chair, Emily Montague, on 07800 765338 as soon as possible and in any event well in advance of the meeting.