Photographic Competition: Send us your favourite pictures for the 2022 calendar

Thank you to all of those who sent photos of the park to include in our 2021 Dulwich Park Friends calendar. Even though this year’s calendar was prepared in a very short timescale, we were delighted to receive so many lovely pictures. This year we would love to involve all Dulwich Park visitors in a project to assemble images for our 2022 calendar.

Please let us have your favourite images of the park and those who use it. Your image can be a photo (black and white or colour) or any other visual medium (eg. a painting or any hand drawn image).

Towards the end of the year we will select a number of images for the calendar and we will award prizes for the three best images (including one for the best entry by a child).

If you would like to send us a photo or other image there are only a few small rules:

· In the case of any photos of children, please confirm that their parents or guardians are happy for their photo to be included.
· Tell us the title of the image and the month it represents
· Let us know if you’re happy for your name to be included as the artist/photographer etc

Please send your images to our email address: