Dear runners and cyclists

Dear runners and cyclists,

Judging by the numbers in Dulwich Park it seems we runners and cyclists are managing to maintain our routines despite the challenges of the Covid-19 lockdown, which is good for our morale.

I just wanted to let you know that the Friends have had concerns expressed by other park users about intimidating behaviour of runners and cyclists in breaching the social distancing guidance. Not surprisingly, many people are extremely anxious in the current climate.

One concern is that when runners/cyclists approach people who are out walking in the park they often do not give the minimum 2 metres clearance when passing. Particularly where overtaking is concerned the walker has no possibility of taking avoiding action, as they are unaware of the approaching runner or cyclist.

Let’s face it, we are the ones who are at the greater risk of spreading droplets from sweat, spittle or worse! So we should really take the initiative.

Now that the park has dried out there are lots of grassed areas that we can use to get around people, particularly to avoid weaving between other users. We can also think about planning our exercise early or late in the day, when the park is less busy. That way, we can still get our running or cycling ‘fix’ without unintentionally spoiling others’ limited enjoyment of time outside their homes.

I’d be grateful if you would draw this to your club members’ attention.

Best regards,

Trevor Moore
Vice Chair of Dulwich Park Friends