Planning Permission for Flood Alleviation Works

Planning permission for the flood alleviation project in Dulwich Park, Belair Park and the Dulwich Sports Ground was granted at Southwark’s planning committee meeting which ended after midnight on the 25th March.  The work will start very soon.

Some members of the committee of the Park Friends attended the meeting as well as two local residents, one representing the Dulwich Society.  Representations were made to try to ensure that the plans would take into account the residual concerns of the Park Friends’ Committee.  These included adequate drainage being installed and maintained adjacent to the bunds, and establishing a baseline level of water in the lake at the current level, below which the water will not be lowered.

The planners have always emphasized that construction will be organised to minimize disruption.  The construction phase is expected to last approximately six months. Access to the site will be via Queen Mary’s Gate with the construction compound located along the access road.  Pedestrian access through Queen Mary’s Gate will be maintained.  Dedicated footpaths will be installed on a temporary basis to maintain access within the Park when works are affecting the footpaths.

We advise everyone using the Park to be vigilant, as inevitably there will be increased traffic on the perimeter road.  The playground will be shut for several weeks during construction of the adjacent bund.