Parking controls in the park?

Cars parked on a busy Sunday

Southwark Council has undertaken a consultation on whether there should be parking enforcement in the park.  Formal notice of their proposals appeared on their website:

Dulwich Park Friends supports the first two proposals, but objects to the third (a four hour time limit for parking).  This is what we said in our formal response:

“We do not consider it reasonable to restrict the amount of time visitors can spend in the park to four hours. (For example, a large picnic can easily occupy people for longer than that.) Dulwich Park differs from others where a time limit might be appropriate (e.g. Belair Park, where commuters using West Dulwich station can use free parking facilities).

We also consider that restricting parking in this way will encourage longer term users who might get a ticket to park on the nearby streets, to the detriment of residents.

The parking difficulties sought to be resolved by these proposals arise mostly at busy weekends and bank holidays when the weather is good. The number of such weekends obviously varies from year to year, but would typically not exceed perhaps 8-10. The problems do not generally arise during ordinary working days, because the park is not near any transport links.

In any event, we foresee practical difficulties of enforcement, leading to possible disputes or misunderstandings. For example, would the parking times of someone making several visits during the day be aggregated? That would be impossible to police. “