Homage to Hepworth – One Year On

Homage to Hepworth – 10th January 2013

Almost a year has passed since the brutal theft of Hepworth’s Two Forms from Dulwich Park overnight on 19th/20th December 2011. The level of response to its disappearance proved immense. One much-disappointed art-lover put it well in saying that in some ways the artwork has had increased ‘presence through absence’.

Not content with simply accepting the loss, some local artists – Heather Burrell, Kate Miller and Pat Rae – have collaborated with Trevor Moore of Dulwich Park Friends to keep Hepworth and her work in the public eye. These efforts will culminate in a unique event called ‘Homage to Hepworth’ on 10th January at the Michael Croft Theatre at Alleyn’s School. A full description of the evening, and online ticketing, can be found here: http://www.michaelcrofttheatre.org.uk/wazzon.aspx

Any profits from the event will be gifted to the Dulwich Park Friends charity, for park-related purposes.

To publicise the event, and to mark the anniversary of the theft, local artist Heather Burrell is organising a public installation in Dulwich Park on 20 December. Starting at 10.00am, people are invited to bring along shoes suitable for recycling. Heather will lay these on the lawn in front of the café in the form of the stolen sculpture.

The shoes will be passed to suitable charitable organisations afterwards.  So please bring along any spare shoes you have!

Meanwhile, following public consultation ending in June of this year, the process of commissioning a replacement for the Hepworth is underway. The Contemporary Art Society have been appointed as consultants to identify a longlist of artists for the steering group to consider. Alongside Southwark representatives that include cabinet members Barrie Hargrove and Veronica Ward, and Director of Communities, Law and Governance Deborah Collins, external members of the group are Ian Dejardin (Director of Dulwich Picture Gallery), Ian McInnes (Chairman of Dulwich Society) and Trevor Moore (Chair of Dulwich Park Friends). More information about the process will shortly be posted by Southwark Art Officer Rachael Roe on the council’s website.