Clearing the rivulet – Stage-1 Complete – 2012

As intended, on 15 November (a mercifully sunny day) a volunteer group from the Royal Bank of Scotland helped begin the major task of clearing the rivulet of duckweed. The bank also kindly funded the attendance of the lead team from the Trust for Urban Ecology, whilst our friends at the Dulwich Society funded the … Continue reading Clearing the rivulet – Stage-1 Complete – 2012

Bulb planting – 2007

Over 500,000 bulbs have been planted by volunteers from the Dulwich Park Friends Dig the Park campaign since October 2007. These include crocus, scylla, camassia, colchicum and daffodils. £4,000 was raised by a grant from Dulwich Community Council, Dulwich Society and DPF's own funds.