Dulwich Park Friends keep a record of members’ titles, names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers when given them. We also keep a record of payments received, but we do not keep a record of any bank details (which are only given to the bank). We use Mail Chimp and Gmail for contacting you by email. If you have signed a Gift Aid declaration we provide your name and address to HM Revenue and Customs. We do not otherwise pass on any member information to any third party.

We use these records to keep members informed about Park news, events and projects and to contact you to ask if you wish to renew your membership.

Should any member wish to access their data, to have it updated, corrected or removed, or to unsubscribe from emails, please could they email the membership secretary at dulwichparkfriends@gmail.com or write to:

Dulwich Park Friends
Francis Peek Centre
Dulwich Park
College Road
London, SE21 7BQ

Any such requests will be addressed at the soonest opportunity.