AGM and Review of the Year – 26th April at 6pm

Notice is hereby given that the first Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Dulwich Park Friends (incorporated in England and Wales as a Charitable Incorporated Organization with registered number 1196576) (DPF) will be held at Francis Peek Centre, Dulwich Park, London SE21 7BQ at 6pm on Tuesday 26 April 2022 to consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following resolutions which will be proposed as ordinary resolutions:

  1. To receive and consider the annual statement of accounts of DPF (Annual accounts).
  2. To receive and consider the annual report of the Trustees of DPF (Trustees report).
  3. To re-elect Ms JL Gauntlett as a Trustee (and Chair) of DPF.
  4. To re-elect Mrs Emily Montague as a Trustee (and Vice Chair) of DPF.
  5. To re-elect Mr S Henden as Trustee (and Treasurer) of DPF.
  6. To re-elect Mr N Ellis as Trustee (and Membership Secretary) of DPF.
  7. To re-elect Mr R Green as Trustee.
  8. To re-elect Mr T Moore as Trustee.
  9. To re-elect Mrs J Prescott as Trustee.
  10. To elect Mrs N. Harvey-Jones as Trustee.

By Order of the Board of Trustees

Mrs E Montague (Chair)


  1. Members who plan to attend the meeting in person (if prevailing government regulations and guidance as at the date of the AGM so permit) are asked to exercise good judgement and not to attend the AGM if they have recently tested positive for COVID-19 or are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, or have recently been in contact with anyone who has tested positive. If the arrangements for the AGM have to be changed on short notice, details will be included on the website and Members will be notified.
  2. Should you be unable to attend in person you may, if you so wish, appoint a proxy to attend and vote in your place. In that case please ensure that your proxy who attends the meeting is able to produce a proxy notice which:
  • States your name and address as the member appointing the proxy.
  • Names the person appointed to be your proxy at the AGM.
  • Is signed by or on behalf of you.
  • Available for inspection at the AGM.